VIRUS ALERT: Seoul Virus

Please Read to Protect Yourself and Your Fur-Kids

What you need to know…

Background Information:

Seoul Virus “outbreak” in the U.S. December 2016. This strain of hantavirus was discovered in pet rats in the U.S. by a doctor in a hospital who tested his sick patient for hantavirus. This patient in Wisconsin and 2 other ratteries in Illinois were the initial starting point for a CDC investigation. Unfortunately with ratteries swapping rats amongst themselves, the CDC is now having a difficult time finding “patient zero” and stopping the spread of the virus. A lot of ratteries have been exposed, and are in lockdown while testing is done on their rats.

The virus is persistent in rats (meaning they will remain contagious their whole lives), often they show no symptoms and they can infect people (thankfully there’s no person to person infection). Most people will show no symptoms or will have mild symptoms, but the immuno-compromised can get quite ill and there is a 1% mortality rate in humans.

Seoul Virus in Canada:

As of Feb. 14, 2017 we have been informed of at least one confirmed case of Seoul Virus in rats in Kitchener, Ontario and two possible cases in Quebec still awaiting testing. The one confirmed case was shown to be an old infection, in other words, from more than 3 months ago. The human involved showed no symptoms.

For more information, please visit Rat Guide: Seoul Virus.

We strongly recommend that all adopters and rat-parents avoid contact with other pet rats, especially those in pet stores or breeders’ homes. Protect yourself and your fur-kids!ention