Mascouche Surrender

On July 25th, 2014, OPRATs was contacted about 22 rats at risk of being killed by a breeder in Mascouche, near Montreal, who had been reported by local authorities and was being ordered to stop all breeding. We had until July 27th to get those rats out, otherwise, they would be used as feeders. Now, with most of them safely in Ottawa, we have found out that the majority of the females are in fact, pregnant.

With no vets in Ottawa who are willing to spay rats, we have been forced to move these pregnant girls back to Montreal in order to be spayed. This is taking up so much of our energy and financial resources. We need all the help we can get. We especially need foster homes and transportation to and from Montreal as we continue to get as many girls spayed as possible.


We ended up getting four girls, all of whom were likely pregnant, spayed, in order to keep our numbers manageable. 2 other girls (Jackie & Dixie) were too far along in their pregnancies for spays and ended up giving birth a few days apart – to 15 and 6 rats respectively. The total number of rats that came into the rescue as a result of this surrender is 42.

Unfortunately, despite us providing love and vet care, Ollie and Wilma were just too sick to make it. Wilma passed away at the rescue, whereas Ollie was put to sleep in order to ease his suffering.

Available Rats from this surrender:

Sam & Jackie
Alvin, Simon & Theodore
ADOPTED – Harriet & Selma
ADOPTED – Icarus & Samos
ADOPTED – Theo & Benji
ADOPTED – Minuit
ADOPTED – Stella & Bijou
ADOPTED – Cassy & Jezzabell
ADOPTED – Strawberry, Blackberry & Ladybug
ADOPTED – Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
ADOPTED – Dixie & Anna