Before You Adopt

Always ADOPT, never buy.

Take some time to look around and you’ll notice that local classifieds are flooded with posts of “free rats”, “rats for adoption”, and “rats-I-really-need-to-get-rid-of.” Ask around, and you’ll discover an alarming number of stray domestic rats – which unfortunately get no publicity. A rat is not a specially bred dog or horse used for a specific purpose. A rat is a rat. The only thing different about them is how they appear on the outside, but all of them need and deserve love and care, and will give you endless entertainment and love in return.

Before you ADOPT:

Do your research to determine if rats are right for you. Our favourite websites for general information are:

The Rat Fan Club
The Rat Guide
The Dapper Rat

Since you are here, you are already on the right track by looking for rescues and reading up on how to care for your current or future pet rats. After learning about rats, seeing their adorable faces, and deciding you would love to welcome them into your life, you should consider:

Do you have the space?
Rats do not require a fenced yard, but they require a fairly large, properly accessorized cage, placed with some consideration. For a pair of female rats, you would need a cage with a foot print of AT LEAST 30″ x 18″. For males, a minimum of 30″ x 20″ is required. In addition, you’ll need a safe and secured area for socializing and playing outside the cage.

Do you have the time?
Rats do not need to be walked, but they need “out-time” and “play-time” too. You need to dedicate time for cleaning, feeding, re-arranging, accessorizing. If you are finding it hard to designate at least one hour a day to dedicate to your rats, you need to be willing to make the time, or look for other companion options.

Do you have the finances?
Although no one likes to think about it, money is a factor. Healthy rats will cost you next to nothing, but when the dreaded inevitable does happen, you need to be financially capable of paying those potentially steep fees. Rats are absolutely not the most hardy of animals, and with a life-span of only 2.5 years, health issues almost always crop up.

Do you have your parents’/landlord’s/partner’s/roommates’/others’ blessings?
You may love the idea of having rats in your room, licking your fingers, dozing on the couch where you sometimes doze, but remember, many people who haven’t done the research you’ve done will not want rats anywhere near them!

And finally, do you want males or females or – it’s definitely possible! – BOTH?
Although there are exceptions, the grand majority of male rats tend to be calmer, cuddlier, and much bigger. Females tend to be softer-than-soft, extremely entertaining, and each with their own distinctive personalities and fun little quirks. Both have qualities that can make them the ideal companion for you.

If you have answered YES! to all the questions above, OPRats has exactly what you have been searching for. Visit our available rats to see who is looking for a loving home.