All funds received for OPRats products will go directly towards the operation of the Rescue. This includes the cost of vet bills, food, litter, bedding, gas for transportation, and cages and accessories.

The following products are available for pick-up in the West End of Ottawa. Please contact us if an alternative arrangement needs to be made. We also have several other differently patterned hammocks available to choose from, as well as cubes, tunnels and Critter/Ferret Nation ramp covers. Contact us if you are looking for anything specific.

Double Decker
Double Decker $10

Pocket Hammock
Pocket Hammock $10

Cube Hammock
Cube Hammock $15

Open 4 Sides
Open 4 Sides $10

Bungalow $16

Full Cage
FN/CN Liners $10/set