Riot & Rebel

Riot & Rebel had an extremely hard start to life. These boys were banished to a boarding facility at the back of a veterinary clinic for a few weeks where they were surrounded by the sounds of panicked dogs and cats. When they were first rescued, Riot was a biter. He bit every foster parent who ever gave him a chance. Meanwhile, Rebel was so terrified he would defecate on the spot and refuse to move for hours on end. It was only by sheer luck and maybe a touch of fate that Terri found us and inquired about these boys who we thought would never find a home. Not only was their new mom unfazed by the fact that she could be bleeding, she purposely wanted to adopt these boys because she knew they were special needs and that no one else would ever give them a second look.

It took months and months of patience, kindness and love, but Terri’s consistence and persistence in winning over their trust has finally paid off. Now calm, happy, and no longer biting, Riot and Rebel finally get to live their lives as happy, spoiled, loving boys. Thank you so much for your love and dedication, Terri!