Grace & Carrie, Clementine & Miuki

Grace & Carrie were part of a surrender from Petawawa resulting from an oops litter. Clementine & Miuki were members of the group surrendered by the breeder from Mascouche who had been reported and had to get rid of this animals. After being introduced, these four girls became inseparable – and completely adorable. They have very distinct personalities: Carrie, the agouti, is energetic and adventurous; Grace, the light tan capped, is friendly, but more reserved; Miuki, named for the brush like strokes on her head, is calm and cuddle; and Clementine, the brown capped, is shy and reserved, but a huge cuddlebug when she gets to know you. They’ve settled in with their new parents and introductions are underway to meet with two other girls to make one big cuddle session!

Clementine, Miuki, Grace, Carrie