Casino Holiday Fundraising Party

Come out and have a blast for rats!

On Sunday Dec. 21 at the Brass Monkey, rat lovers will stage a casino holiday party to benefit the diligent, caring and vital work of Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue (OPRats).

Rats, unfairly maligned, are gentle, curious, intelligent creatures. Sadly, rats suffer widespread abuse by breeders, and the public is extensively unaware of how to properly care for rats. OPRats, a registered charitable organization, provides safe homes for rats rescued from abuse and neglect, and educates the public on humane purchase and care. OPRats intends to develop a pet-rat education program for children, teaching kids about the needs of pet rats, and how pet stores are not a humane source for pet rats or other companion animals.

Your purchase of a ticket–a mere $30–will fund OPRats’ vital work for these animals, and bring you an amazing night of fun!

– You get $500 casino dollars to play at black jack, poker, roulette and craps tables (see links below for how to play these easy games) run by professional dealers from Full House Casino Co. The top 3 winners get to convert their chips into raffle tickets at end of the night for extra chances at wining.
(once your free $500 worth of casino money is gone you may then purchase $250 worth of casino dollars for only $10)

– DJ all night long, dancing, cash bar
– Free vegan snacks
– Great raffle prizes
– Auction items

$1000 Merit travel gift card (you pick your destination)

$500 foodie and entertainment gift basket

$300 Santa Mystery Gift basket

Raffle tickets $3 each or 10 for $20 (must be purchased at event)

Your ticket proceeds will fund OPRats’ educational initiative, as well as rat food, hammocks, toys, fleece linings, and the ongoing onerous expense of veterinary care, including treatment for lice and mites, ear and respiratory infections, spaying and neutering, tumour removal, euthanasia, travel to the OPRats’ vet in Montreal, and much more.

WHERE: The Brass Monkey, 250 Greenbank
WHEN: Sunday Dec. 21, doors open at 5, tables start at 6

To order and pick up tickets at the door use Paypal here.

You can pick up tickets at either of these two participating Pet Value Stores.

Pet Value
KANATA. 457 Hazeldean Road
(By Farm Boy)
613– 836-0849

Pet Value
603 Bank St. in the (Glebe)

OR Contact Sue Manns at to have tickets mailed to you or dropped off.

Black Jack :


When rats are happy, they voice a cheerful sound that sounds like human laughter.

Rats are clean animals; cleaner than cats.

Rats’ tails give them a sense of balance, making them excellent climbers.

Rat like to snack, especially fruits and veggies.

Rats are smart. They can learn their name and tricks–and can teach us a thing or two!

Rats are affectionate animals that love snuggling, and grooming people’s hair and cuticles.

They’re social animals that naturally stay with their extended families.

Rats love chasing each other playfully, grooming one other, sleeping in a heap, playing tug-of-war, wrestling, communicating, and forming friendships.

IT’S ABOUT TIME we had a party fundraiser to benefit rats in Ottawa, don’t you think?

P.S. Always ADOPT, never buy.

Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue

Compassionate businesses and individuals supporting this event:
Our Host: The Brass Monkey Lounge, Full House Casino service, DJ Alex, Graphic Designer- Delia Coates

RAFFLE contributors:
The Table restaurant, Rainbow Foods, Beaus Beer, Fun Haven, Happy Goat Coffee, La Belle Verte restaurant, Sears Canada, The Compassionate Rabbit, Epic Blend, Herbivore Clothing Co., Moo Shoes, Janet’s Pet Grooming Service, Purple Urchin, Zazaza Pizza, Coconut Lagoon restaurant, Karters Corner, Kinki restaurant, Mambo restaurant and more to come.