Louie, Franklin & Gamer

Franklin was a rescue from a Kjiji Ottawa ad. The photo that was provided by his previous ‘owner’ showed a tiny hamster cage with a sickly looking rat curled up inside. We knew we had to go and get him. Now he lives in a big cage with other boy ratty friends, and life is great! Louie was surrendered by his previous owners after they decided they had no more time to care for him. His back and sides were solid with scabs and clumps of his fur were missing everywhere from the worst mite infestation we had ever seen. Gamer was surrendered as a “defective” rat. His previous owner intended for him to impregnate a female so that he could use the babies as live snake food. Fortunately (or unfortunately), his previous owner didn’t seem to know the difference between males and females, because he never noticed that the “girl” was also a boy.

lf gamer