WARNING Sendai Virus

WARNING Sendai Virus reported. Included cases in Quebec, Canada. Please make sure to properly quarantine and take extra precautions to protect yourself and your furry family.

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Since last posting our warning about the Sendai virus being confirmed in Cincinnati Ohio, we have been in contact with people who recently informed us of illness in their rats that are showing all the clinical symptoms of Sendai. Here are the locations that this virus have been reported:

Cincinnati, Ohio
New Jersey ( Vineland Vacinity)
Quebec, Canada
Jamestown, New York
Rising Sun, Maryland
Pittsburgh, Pa (The North Hills Vacinity)
Winchester, VA
La Porte, Indiana
Atlanta, GA
Cleveland, Ohio
Lancaster, PA

I have also attached some photos of some of the rats that are currently affected with this virus to show everyone classic symptoms like the Porphrin coming from the rats eyes & ears & them wiping it on their other parts of their bodies & the rat being hunched over, gasping & them not being able to breath. These are actual photos of rats suffering with this virus right at this very moment.


This virus is deadly it has a high death rate, it is quick moving & spreads quickly within rodent species & it is moving very fast throught out the US right now.

Pet Owners

Quarantine for a single rat would be 3-4 weeks. For a non-breeding group the quarantine would be 6-8 weeks after recovery.

If you want to get a rat from a pet store or you go into a store and handle rats, or you have a friend who has bought rats from a pet store, please take precautions:
If you have been exposed, and virus particles may be clinging to your clothing and hair, please allow 3 hours before going home. Stay out and go shopping or go out to dinner. The virus will die after 3 hours outside of the rat body, in the environment. Do not think you can go home and just stay on a different floor or not go into the rat room. Viruses easily waft off your clothing and circulate throughout the house on the normal air currents made by opening and closing doors, and by your air handling systems like the furnace.

If you want to purchase rats from a pet store and you have rats at home, you MUST plan ahead and find a rat free home (a friend or relative) who will agree to quarantine the rats for 3 weeks. If they are not sick in 3 weeks, they are past the incubation period. If you visit the rats, or go over to clean the cage, again, you must find something else to do for 3 hours before going home. Be aware that if they get sick while in quarantine, your friend (relative) will have to be capable of dealing with clinical health care, you will have trips to the vet, etc and it can be an awesome responsibility for both you and your friend (relative).

Under no circumstances buy rats at a pet store and then bring them directly home to your own rats. There is no way you can prevent transfer of viruses from those rats to your rats, and you are putting your current rats at extreme risk.

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Credit & Thank You to:
Teri Warren who started the location list of suspected virus outbreaks & who continues to update it & all the others helping by updating also.
Lindsay Pulman LVT,LATg & President of The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club for a lot of the medical information & advice they continue to post