Chib & Strich

These two adorable 8-11 month old boys are looking for a forever home together. Here are a few words from their foster-dad:

Hi, my name is Ilia and I was lucky to become a foster for these amazing rats during my short four-month visit to Ottawa. Their names mean “Black and White”, and “Stripe”, respectively. They came in a tiny hamster cage on January 28th 2015, and soon got used to their new, six-story cage provided by the Rescue.

Chib is the alpha male. He is not aggressive, although he loves to tease his brother every once in a while. He is also a grooming maniac who wants to groom everyone to death!

Strich is a little less social. He can tolerate cuddles for a few seconds, but doesn’t really like to groom or be groomed. He loves food more than anything or anyone 🙂

Both are very good with their litterbox and know a few simple tricks, like opening a box to get the treat inside, or pulling up a rope with a treat tied to the end.

They are so lovable, you will never regret adopting them!