Nuki, Toby & Despareaux

These gorgeous dumbo blond boys are brothers who are looking for a perfect home where their similarities will be loved and their subtle differences with be celebrated.

Nuki is the most outgoing and independent of the three. He takes on the role of the alpha and is always protecting his brothers and their home. Toby is Nuki’s little side-kick and will follow his brother wherever he goes. Despareaux is the smallest (by just a hair) and is definitely the most gentle of the three. He’s never quite right behind his two bigger brothers, but prefers to hang back and say ‘hello’ to his human once in a while.

Nuki had a small, benign tumor removed from his neck in late 2014. Despareaux has a small spot of Melanoma on his left hip that has been removed as of early 2015. These very special boys are looking for a experienced home who will respect their needs and love them for the way they are.

To learn more about these brothers, please feel free to contact us. As of April 2015, these brothers are about 1.5 years old.