Snapdragon & Bepop

Meet Bebop and Snapdragon, two boys closely bonded that came from different situations.

Bepop was at a shelter, living in a tiny hamster cage for 3.5 months and was in danger of being euthanized for a respiratory infection. Thankfully, they allowed Rachel to take him and introduce him to some desperately needed friends and a healthier living environment.

One of the friends that helped him come out of his shell is Snapdragon. Snapdragon is very brave and eager to please. He is often found plastered to the door of his cage, begging to come out and play.

To adopt or foster these boys, please fill out the adoption/foster application under > Get Involved > Adopt. Snapdragon and Bepop are also available for adoption with their cagemates Bonsai & Lotus.