Amelie, Eline, Genevieve & Noelle *special needs*

These four sisters are looking for a patient, understanding, loving family who has experience with rats, or are willing to work with them, through thick and thin. They were rescued from a very bad situation along with 18 other rats, many of whom will also need a special home.

Amelie (pic 1) is the guardian of this pack. She is right at the door at all times, ready to deliver a swift warning bite to anyone who dares to enter. Her foster parents are working hard to show her we mean no harm. Although her bites do hurt, she does not hang on, and does not try to bite deep. It is completely due to fear. She is tiny at a mere 170g. Amelie also has a head tilt caused by an untreated inner ear infection. She will need to be treated for another month and we will provide that medication; however, her head tilt may remain simply because it was left for so long.

Eline (pic 2) is second in command. She hangs back, but also tends to nip out of fear, especially when approached unexpected.

Genevieve (pic 3) has compromised balance and a severe head tilt. She will need continued treatment for her inner ear infection. Her head tilt will remain for life as the infection was left untreated for so long and we suspect there is permanent damage to her inner ear. She gets around just fine and has no problem eating, crawling into hammocks and goofing around with her sisters. However, due to her damaged inner ears, she is absolutely terrified of being picked up/lifted off her feet.

Noelle (pic 4) is the most well-adjusted of the 4 girls. She is just like any other slightly skiddish rat, looking for a place to call home.

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting, sponsoring, or working with these 4 special girls. Their medical bills are about $60 per month for on-going inner ear infection treatment.