Fleur & Cosette

These two sisters are looking for a patient, understanding, loving family who has experience with rats, or are willing to work with them, through thick and thin. They were rescued from a very bad situation along with 18 other rats, many of whom will also need a special home.

The first is tiny little Fleur. Despite her diminutive size, Fleur is quick to protect her much larger sister, Cosette. She is unfortunately still quite prone to nipping, especially when anyone tries to pick her up. However, with persistence and patience, once you have been able to pick her up successfully a few times, she becomes less and less likely to nip as she starts to realize you mean no harm. She has been with her foster mom for 3 months now and very rarely uses her teeth on us anymore.

Cosette is a big and squishy as Fleur is tiny and quick. She is much easier to pick up, but show her fear and uncertainty in another way: pooping. Especially when strangers attempt to pick her up, Cosette is extremely nervous, but again, the more exposure she has to the same people, the less she responds in fear.

Both girls absolutely love fruits and will race to the door if you come calling with bananas or grapes. They enjoy the chance to stretch their legs outside their cage and once they are familiar with their surroundings, are wonderfully curious. These girls have the sweetest, biggest dark eyes you will ever see on a rat.

If you think you have the love, patience and experience to take on Fleur & Cosette, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill in an adoption application.

Fleur & Cosette can also be adopted with their sisters, Eponine and Pierrette.

Update: As of May 6, 2016, Cosette has been diagnosed with Pituitary Tumor. As such, her time is limited. Cosette will be required to take Cabergoline every 3 days in order to try to delay worsening symptoms of PT. At this point, we will no longer be accepting applications for Fleur & Cosette. Please visit our donation page if you would like to help with the cost of her palliative care. Thank you!