Gaston & Chias

Meet Gaston and Chias who were abandoned by a “feeder breeder” in Toronto. Thankfully, our good friend Alex offered these brothers – and TWENTY TWO other rats – a safe home until they could be transferred to the Rescue in Ottawa. Gaston is brave, outgoing, and definitely wants to be the boss. His right hand man is Chias, who gives as good as he gets. These two are the most friendly and are looking for a home where they will be allowed to have lengthy out-times to burn off all that excess energy.

Both boys are about 4.5 months old as of April 2016.
Considering they came from an environment where they had no human interaction, these babies have become socialized remarkably fast. Ideally, Gaston and Chias are looking for a home where their confidence will continue to be nourished.

To inquire about these adorable brothers, please fill out our Adoption Application.