George, Franklin & Lucas

Meet George, Franklin & Lucas (left to right), three babies who were lucky to be saved and to meet each other.

Lucas was born when a pet store sold his pregnant young mother as a pet. Since she was a baby herself, she only gave birth to 3 little ones and he was the only boy. The girl who purchased his mother decided she could not keep him and so brought him to the Rescue. Franklin and Lucas were going to become snake food, but after a series of fortunate and not-so-fortunate events, they ended up at the Rat Rescue. Since these 3 boys were nearly identical in size and age, they were introduced to each other and have been inseparable ever since.

George and Franklin are definitely slightly more shy and tend to freeze on the spot if anything scares or startles them. They need someone who will continue to be gentle with them and to properly socialize these two babies over time. Once accustomed to their surroundings, they are just as crazy and bouncy as other babies. Both these boys are still test nibbling fingers as they clearly haven’t had much exposure to handling or people in general.

Lucas on the other hand is a tiny bouncy ball. He will chase his adoptive brothers and entice them to play with him. Lucas is daring, curious, and you can just tell he will grow up to be a troublemaker.

These 3 bonded boys are looking for a home where they will have plenty of room to grow and learn. They would prefer a home without young children as they are too small and delicate to be handled roughly. To inquire about adopting these boys, please fill out our adoption application.