Meeko & Fleek

Meeko and Fleek were transferred to us from the SPCA Outaouais.

These boys were abandoned at the SPCA in a cardboard box when they were only about a month old. Now, they are 5 months old and flourishing under the love of their foster mom. They are very good shoulder-riders, and while both are still a tad nervous about being picked up, they don’t put up much of a fight. Once they are out and about, they love climbing up on you, and checking in to see what the human is doing.

These bonded boys are looking for a home that will be calm, and willing to continue working with them to give them the second chance at life all rats deserve. With just a little attention and love, they will continue to flourish into happy confidence rats!

To inquire about Meeko and Fleek, please fill out our adoption application.