Chico & Pikko

Meet Chico and Pikko, an adorable mother-daughter pair who are extremely bonded and would like to find a loving home together.

Chico and Pikko were abandoned at the SPCA Gatineau along with the father rat and several other babies. Having never had a decent loving home, both girls were extremely nervous and scared, but after spending a month with our experienced foster-mom, both have made incredible progress.

Both are curious, and despite their fear have never bitten or even nipped. Both are still a little weary of being picked up, however are now comfortable with being stroked in the cage and are willing to come up and take food from your hands.

We will continue to update their status, but for now, they are looking for a family who is willing to take the time to socialize and teach these girls to trust and love.

To inquire about these girls, please fill out an adoption application.

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