Joy & Molly

Joy and Molly are almost opposites of each other.

Joy is a little crazy, super outgoing, brave like she’s 7 feet tall (even though she’s actually tiny, even for a young female rat!) and is the most vocal rat we have ever heard in our 4 years as a rescue. She takes every opportunity to escape, and hands? Hands are just platforms, to be used at leisure when adventure is on the horizon! We seriously can’t say enough wonderful things about the busy-bee that is Joy. Oh, and did we mention, she’s a bit of a drama queen. Any time her foster-sister Molly even approaches her for some gentle grooming, Joy shrieks like she’s being attacked (she’s not…). She always succumbs to the grooming, and we’re pretty positive she enjoys it, because Molly is absolutely a gentle older sister.

Molly is quiet, cautious, and definitely not adventurous. She’s nervous about hands and being handled in general, but she is very curious, and once she gets to know you, she will always come up to the door to say “hi”. There’s something very serene and calm about Molly which makes us believe she may be a little bit older.

Both girls are an estimated 7 months to 1 year old.

Joy currently has 4 bald patches because she had 4 nasty abscesses that had to be cleaned surgically. But she has recovered 100%, and soon, her fur will be completely grown back.

To inquire about these sweet, fun girls, please fill out an adoption application.

Joy Molly