Gus & Jack

Meet brothers Gus and Jack. Even though they showed up covered in fleas with extremely thin, sparse fur, these boys were friendly as ever and always ready to give kisses.

At 20-22 months old, they aren’t exactly young, but don’t let their age put you off. These boys are still full of energy and have so much love to give. Jack (left) has an old eye injury that has left a white film over his eye. It does not bother him at all and he does not require any special treatment or care. Jack absolutely loves to give kisses and is probably one of the easiest to pick up and cuddle. He just relaxes his whole body and is content to be carried around.

Gus is a little bit more active, and loves to sniff things and explore. He’s easy to pick up as well, but is a little more restless in your arms. Both boys are absolutely bonded to each other and spend a LOT of time cuddling with each other and grooming each other. Quite often, Jack ends up on his back, belly up, feet in the air while Gus uses his chest as a pillow. Yes, they sleep like this and it is the sweetest thing you will ever see.

These older boys are looking for a family who understands what their needs are right now and what their needs will be in 4-6 months. Please feel free to contact us to discuss adopting these boys, or if you are an experienced rat-parent who is ready to dive in, please fill out an adoption application.

p.s. these boys can also be adopted with their younger brothers Danny and Bailey.

Gus Jack