Danny & Bailey *special needs*

Meet brothers, Danny and Bailey. You won’t find a more friendly, more outgoing pair anywhere!

As you can see from their photo, they are always fighting for affection and it is pretty much a race to the door any time you walk by. There is nothing cuter than the way they perk up and come running out from their various play areas to come meet you at the door!

Danny is currently on antibiotics for a severe Respiratory and Urinary Tract Infection. He seems to have responded to the medication well and has finally put on some weight. However, since his infection was left untreated for so long, we will be looking for a family who will be able to continue this course of medication for another month and potentially even long term as this may become a chronic issue. Both boys are about 1 year old.

If you are looking for a pair of licky, bouncy boys, look no further! Please fill out an adoption application to inquire about adopting Danny and Bailey.

p.s. these two boys can also be adopted with their older brothers, Jack and Gus.