Stuart & Charlie

Stuart & Charlie are brothers who didn’t have a great start to life. Unfortunately, they were both kept in the barest of cages, living on pine bedding, eating what looked like a mix of guinea pig pellets and bird seeds.

Stuart came in with a respiratory infection as well as a bizarre skin condition that looked slightly infected.

After 3 weeks of medication, as well as now being on proper bedding and quality food, Stuart’s fur has completely grown back. Both boys are now a healthy weight and have beautiful shiny blue coats.

Despite their rough start, Stuart is – amazingly – one of the friendliest, most social rats you will ever meet. He absolutely just begs to be picked up and practically rolls over when you give him cheek rubs.

His brother Charlie is slightly more reserved. He’s not used to being picked up, and thus will try to squirm away sometimes, but his foster mom is working on this, and every day there are improvements. Once they are out of their cage, both boys are go go GO!

To inquire about these two boys, please fill out an adoption application.