Peter Pan (neutered) & Wesley

Wesley & Peter may look identical, but they certainly are very different personality-wise.

Peter absolutely loves to play, and even just the slightest tussle of his head or tickle on his shoulders will send him into a bouncing, running frenzy. Wesley on the other hand, is like the much more mature, calm older brother (he is older… but just by a month). He prefers to lay down in a comfy location and observe the world from there.

Both boys get extremely excited about food, licking your fingers, potentially being let out to play anytime you even get near the cage.

Due to their origins, both boys need a little bit of time before they are willing to trust strangers they have never met before. But don’t let that put you off! Earn their trust for 20 minutes, and they will be happily greeting you for the rest of their lives!

To inquire about these two sweet albinos, please fill out an adoption application. Please note, Wesley & Peter Pan prefer be adopted with their brothers, Flynn Rider & John Smith. The adoption fee for Peter Pan & Wesley is $80.