Ophelia & Rosalind

Ophelia and Rosalind are a mother daughter pair who have already been through such a horrible time in their short lives. At only 6 months old, Ophelia has already been forced to have three litters of babies. Of her first litter, we know 1 survived and is with the rescue. Of her second litter, another 5 remain alive. And of her third and final litter, all thirteen were surrendered to the Rescue.

Ophelia’s days of getting pregnant, giving birth and nursing babies over and over again are finally over. Despite everything she has been through, this tiny mother is quite friendly. She enjoys her freedom, and would do best where she has a large area to roam and explore. She will needs lots of love, good nutrition and someone who is willing to give her some extra care in order for her body to recover from the stress of repetitive breeding. Ophelia is still a little underweight, and her hair is thin and missing in a few places. But don’t let her haggard looks put you off! Given some rich foods and time to recover, she is going to be a beautiful girl.

Rosalind is one of her 5 week old daughters. These two must be adopted together, and preferably, into an existing colony of rats, or with 2 other babies from her litter.