Peaches & Stella

Update: July 4, 2017. Stella’s eyes have fully recovered. There are still 2 stubborn stitches sticking around, but other than that, she has finished her medication and is ready to find a forever home with her sister Peaches.
Update: June 16, 2017. Stella’s eyes continue to have discharge and became infected. A double eye enucleation was performed. Will be available for adoption again after full recovery.

Stella is missing 1 eye and has micro-eye. She likely cannot see a thing. There is often discharge coming out of her eye socket which she will clean up handily herself. This is unfortunately a very common thing in rats with the hairless mutation. Any adopters interested in these sisters needs to be aware that there is a 50-50 chance Stella will require surgery to have her eye socket flushed and removed completely if the discharge becomes an issue in the future or if she contracts an infection. Her one remaining eye may also require enucleation, again, if it becomes infected. Surgery of this type in Ottawa would cost from $400-$800 depending on the complexity. So far, Stella has done a wonderful job keeping her eye clean herself, there is no sign of infection and she is not in any discomfort.

To inquire about adopting these lovely ladies, please contact us, or complete an adoption application. Please note, their adoption fee is $100 (see medical history above).