Juno & Freya

Juno & Freya are bonded sisters who are an estimated 12-14 months old. They were originally purchased from a pet store, and after being passed on from one relative to another, they were finally surrendered to the Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue as their latest well-intended guardian could no longer keep them.

Both girls had spent their lives in a barren Rat Resort and arrived skinny, slightly skiddish but overall healthy!

After spending only 2 nights with the rescue, they had become considerably braver and are now living with a foster parent who will be able to dote on them, continue to help them put on some weight and hopefully bring out their true personalities.

So far, Freya (right), seems to be the braver, more outgoing of the two. She stays still and doesn’t mind being picked up. Juno is slightly more wary of being held, but both girls are extremely curious and love to sniff your hands and explore.

To inquire about adopting these sweet, active ladies, please fill out an adoption application form.

Juno Freya edit