Bubbles (spayed) & Blossom

These sisters are estimated to be about 1.5 years old. They were unfortunately dropped off at the SPCA in Gatineau as unwanted rats with very little information about where they came from and what their previous living conditions were like.

Thankfully, regardless of their past, these two girls are friendly, curious and with just a little bit of socialization will definitely become absolute sweethearts.

With their super soft fur, big dumbo ears and curious personalities, Buttercup & Bubbles would make wonderful family companions.

All they need is a loving home, and someone who is willing to be devoted to them for the rest of their adult years! Adoption fee for Bubbles & Blossom is $100 (please see medical history below).

Please note, they can also be adopted with their sisters Buttercup & Jojo.

Update as of April 17th: medical hold due to mammary tumors on Blossom. Surgery is scheduled for April 19, 2017
Update as of April 19th: Blossom’s surgery went smoothly and both her tumors were removed successfully!
Update as of May 29, 2017: Bubbles showing symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Currently being treated with antibiotics.
Update as of June 22, 2017: Bubbles was taken to Dr. Brieger in Montreal for surgery. UTI did not respond to antibiotics. Surgery revealed she actually had a uterine horn aneurysm. Bubbles was thus fully spayed and is now recovered and looking for a forever home with her sister!