Jude & Eddie

Jude & Eddie are both estimated to be 4-6 months old. These boys were purchased by a student, passed on to a classmate, then surrendered to the rescue when that classmate could no longer care for them. In their still young lives, they have been through so many changes and have yet to find a loving home.

Unfortunately in their previous home, they were confined to a fairly small cage and this resulted in Jude being extremely dominant with Eddie and also slightly cage aggressive. However, now that they have been moved and given plenty of sleeping, hiding and playing areas, Jude’s bullying has calmed down and he is no longer nipping at fingers at all! These boys are constantly cuddling and Eddie is now more than happy to submit to the occasional head grooming.

Of the two boys, Jude is much braver and much more curious about human interaction. Eddie is nervous and will need much more socialization before he feels comfortable approaching people on his own. Both boys need some consistency, patience and love in their lives.

If you are looking to give these lovely boys a forever home to call their own, please complete an adoption application form.