The Baby “Hippos”

Meet our baby hippos!

These 7 adorable babies are estimated to have been born March 10, 2017 and March 6th, 2017. Either way, they get along fabulously and for all they know, they are sisters!

All the albino babies are extremely friendly and outgoing, while there are 2 agouti/brown girls who are a little more nervous and will need someone with patience and a calm presence to continue socializing them throughout their lives.

These girls are looking for homes preferably in groups of 2 or 3. But honestly, the more the merrier, as they seem to gain courage from each other and do best when in a big family.

Squeak (albino) – ADOPTED!
Lil’ Tip (agouti) – ADOPTED!
Tip (agouti) – available – Tip is hyper, startles easily, but once you get to know her, she’s a hoot and a super super licky rat why will cover your hands with kisses!
Two (agouti) – available – the bravest agouti girl around. When it’s time to come out, she climbs right into your hands. And when it’s time to go home, she does the same thing! Also startles easily, but so brave and outgoing when she feels safe.
Stripe (agouti) – available – the second bravest agouti girl. She’s sort of a mix between Two and Tip. Not quite as licky as Tip, but a little braver.
Eep (albino) – a total sweetheart. She is a human rat through and through. There’s nothing she likes more than playing with people and climbing you. She’s also the boss lady and is often found keeping the other girls toeing the line.

If you are interesting in giving a home to these sweet babies, please complete an adoption application form.