Charlotte & Caramel

Meet 4 month old sisters, Charlotte & Caramel. In their few months of life, they have already been passed from home to home, until they were eventually taken in by a kind veterinary technician who thought she could give them a forever home. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, things just weren’t working out, and so she decided to surrender them to the Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue.

Despite their rather rocky start to life, Charlotte & Caramel couldn’t be more friendly! They love to explore, they are very social, and they have no qualms at all about new people, new smells, and new things to explore!

Their foster mom is having a blast playing with them every night. They are not hand-shy at all and in fact will use every opportunity to climb on you if it means they can go off and explore.

It cannot be seen in the photo, but Charlotte is missing about 2/3 of her tail. The person who surrendered her has no idea what happened, but other than making her look a little silly, she couldn’t care less! With her tiny stub of a tail held high, Charlotte climbs, runs and explores just like any other baby rat. As she gets older, the lack of a tail may begin to affect her balance and mobility and could make her more sensitive to heat. She otherwise is perfectly healthy.

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