Teeth (neutered)

Teeth came to the rescue with his brother Rudy, absolutely terrified, unsocialized and quick to bite. It has taken him about 2 and a half months, a neuter, and lots of patience and love to slowly but steadily turn his life and bahaviour around.

But boy oh boy, have things changed! As you can see from the pictures, Teeth is now a sweet, cuddly boys who wants nothing more than good food, a clean cage, and lots of places for him to run around and explore. He can still be a tiny bit nervous when being picked up, but unlike before, he stays still and readies himself to be lifted. Once he’s out, he’s full of curiosity and will even settle down for the occasional cuddle.

Teeth has been meeting the lady rats at his foster home, and we can say with 100% certainty that he will get along beautifully with female rats. Of course, proper step-by-step introductions still need to be followed.

Teeth is available for adoption into a home with an existing female rat colony, or with any of the other female rats currently available on our website.

Please note, Teeth’s adoption fee is $100.

Please complete an adoption application form to inquire about adopting Teeth.