Ben & Sailor

Meet brothers Ben & Sailor. We know for sure that they were born some time in June of 2016 making them almost exactly 1 year old at the moment. Originally dumped in a box at the SPCA in Gatineau, these boys had been adopted into a forever home. Unfortunately, due to their human’s increasingly busy schedule, they could not longer be given the love and attention they deserved.

Ben and Sailor are now back at the Rescue and once again looking for a place to call their own.

Due to a period of neglect, both boys are a little bit shy and can be very hesitant when being approached to be picked up. Also, they are no longer litter trained. Their foster mom is working diligently to help improve both their trust in people and teach them to start using their litter box again.

Due to some bullying that was going on, Sailor was also recently neutered so that he would stop being mean to his brother Ben. They now get along fabulously, and Sailor has learned to be a bit nicer. Ben is incredibly sweet once you gain his confidence. He’s excited to see you, and while still a little unsure about being picked up, you can tell he absolutely loves the attention and chance to interact.

To inquire about adopting Sailor and Ben, sweet boys who need a THIRD chance, please fill out an adoption application form. Please note, their adoption fee is $100.