Clyde (neutered) & TJ

Meet funny, curious, friendly boys Clyde and TJ.

These boys are an estimated 4-6 months old and still have plenty of growing left to do. The boys are typical fun-loving, excitable, super active boys who will take every opportunity to explore, run around and sniff things. They are very fond of people and have no problems at all being picked up or handled. However, they would definitely prefer to run around and climb instead of just being held all the time. They have way too much energy to just be cuddled!

Clyde was originally a pet store rat who was purchased, passed around to various roommates, until they finally decided that they didn’t want him anymore. He was going to be dumped outside, but thankfully, we were able to talk them out of that horrible idea and instead, he was surrendered to the Rescue. Not surprisingly, Clyde was terrified and bit his well-meaning foster mom. We had this poor boy neutered hoping it would calm him down, and that certainly did the trick! Clyde is now a sweety who wouldn’t hurt anyone and would much rather lick yummy baby food off your fingers.

TJ was rescued by a well-meaning couple who didn’t realize at first that he was a boy! 17 babies later, they reached out to the Rescue for help. We noticed that TJ was almost identical in age to Clyde, and so decided to pair the two together. They are now inseparable and love to cuddle and play together.

Please note that the adoption fee for Clyde and TJ (as a bonded pair) is $100.

To inquire about these two lovely boys, please fill out an adoption application form.