Orbit & Flare

Yes, they are pretty much the cutest little boys you will ever meet.

Orbit & Flare are brothers who were originally bred to be snake food. They spent the first 7 weeks of their lives eating a mixture of dog food, bird seeds and rodent mix living in a 9L Rubbermaid bin. Thankfully, the human who had them before had a change of heart and decided she would no longer feed her snakes live rats.

Understandably, Orbit and Flare are nervous about being touched or picked up. They absolutely LOVE to smell your fingers and gently nibble your finger nails, and with just a bit of patience and coaxing, both will work up the courage to climb on your hands.

They seem to enjoy riding on your shoulders, but Flare especially get very nervous when hands are involved.

These adorable baby brothers are looking for a home that will understand their history, and continue to socialize them with patience, love, and lots of yummy, proper rat food and treats. Please fill out an adoption application to inquire about adopting these brothers.