Simon, Theodore & Alvin

Meet brothers (from left to right), Simon, Theodore & Alvin. These three are so similar, yet so different! They make the perfect trio of trouble-makers who will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

First, we have Alvin. He is the leader, the brave one and always the first one begging to come out at the cage door. He is almost always snuggling with someone or otherwise wrestling with one of his brother.

Next, we have Simon. He is a total goofball who loves to play. The slightest ruffle of his head or tickle on his sides sends him into immediate bursts of excitement where he hops and dashes around like crazy.

Finally, we have Theodore. He is definitely the more reserved and shy one. It takes a long time before Theodore finally trusts new people. And even then, he will still startle if you move too suddenly or make any sudden loud noises. However, if you stay still and give him a good reason to trust you, he can also be the sweetest. Theo loves to nibble your fingers gently and will clean you fingers as long as you stay still.

All three of these boys absolutely LOVE food. Normally, we wouldn’t say this, but the way to their heart in this case, is food. Noodles, cheerios, bananas, chip peas are just a few of their favourite snacks.

Please note these closely bonded brothers must be adopted together. They MUST go to a home with no cats as they did extremely poorly in a home even with 2 very calm senior cats. We estimate these boys are 6-8 months old.

To inquire about adopting Alvin, Simon and Theodore, please fill out an adoption application form.