Romulus (neutered) & Remus

These two brothers were originally meant to be snake food. Thankfully, a kind lady stepped in and was able to save them from that fate at a fairly early age. Estimated to be about 6 months old, Romulus and Remus have tons of energy, love to explore, but still need a home that is patient and can continue to bring out their confidence and true personalities.

As of late November 2017, Romulus has been exhibiting some hormonal behaviour. He will be neutered Dec. 14, 2017 and will be on medical hold under after he has fully recovered from the surgery.
Update Dec. 17, 2017 Romulus was neutered on Dec. 13, 2017 and has now fully recovered and will be ready for his forever home with his brother

Please note, the adoption fee for Romulus & Remus is $100.
To inquire about adopting Romulus & Remus, please fill out an adoption application form.