Seth & Rogan

These boys were transferred to us from the Gatineau SPCA after no one seemed to want to adopt them. We can’t understand why, because honestly, Seth and Rogan are two of the sweetest boys we have ever met. They are curious, extremely gentle, and wonderful little beings who are calm and tolerate handling very well.

Being picked up isn’t their favourite thing, especially not for Seth who tends to be a bit squirmy, but once they are in your arms and have a nice sweater to snuggle into, they are calm and love to be gently pet on the head.

Seth and Rogan are looking for a loving home who is aware of the extra health issues hairless rats tend to face. They are estimated to be about 1 year old. Rogan has 1 persistently gunky eye and requires twice daily eye-drops (available through vet prescription). He may also need to have the funk manually removed (by a vet) every few months.

To inquire about adopting these two lovely boys, please fill out an Adoption Application form.