Kepler & Leo

Brothers Kepler and Leo have been through a lot and they have the physical scars to prove it. These boys are an estimated 1 to 1.5 years old.

Both Kepler and Leo are missing fingers and toes. Kepler is also missing about half of his tail and there is some heavy scaring on what’s left of it. Leo has some scars on his tail, but managed to keep the whole thing (somehow!) and still has a few stubs for fingers which he uses to expertly hold things.

They need a cage/enclosure that is nice and wide and someone who can cut their fruits and veggies into small manageable pieces so they can hold them easily.

These boys were adopted earlier, but unfortunately returned due to their human adopter’s change in employment situation. They need someone who can be very patient with them, as they are still very nervous about being picked up. You have to move slowly, but steadily with them. Once they are out of their cage, they love to run around on you, and gently sniff your hands, face and clothing.

For now, the boys are looking for an experienced home only.