Conrad & Marvin (neutered)

Conrad (albino) and Marvin (agouti) grew up together and have never been separated from each other. These two cuddle constantly and when they are in their cage, are often sleeping in a pile, or eating right next to each other.

Of the two, Conrad is brave, outgoing, and extremely confident in himself. People don’t make him nervous at all. He loves to run around on the ground and comes when you call. On the other hand, Marvin is a nervous wreck. New sounds, sudden movements, and especially new people make him want to hide. When he’s not in his cage, he tends to hide, or prefers to be under a blanket. It takes lots of patience, and consistency to win over his trust. We recommend keeping Marvin on a couch or bed where there’s plenty of blankets to ensure he feels safe.

Both boys are estimated to be just over 1 year old.

If you have some extra love to give, you can inquire about adopting these boys by filling out an adoption application form.