Sparrow, Anamaria & Calypso

Meet this spunky, friendly trio of sisters who had a very rough start to life, but bounced right back to be happy, healthy girls after only a month with the Rescue.

Sparrow, Anamaria & Calypso started life as snake food, lived for months in a plastic bin, spent a few more weeks in a tiny cramped cage with 9 other girls, and finally their life made a turn for the better in February of 2018.

These girls are super active, love to eat, climb and generally be social. They are not wary of hands at all, but honestly prefer to run around, rather than being held. Their ideal home with give them plenty of space to run and explore, as well as lots of time outside their cage.

Due to their stint in less than ideal conditions, all three girls are missing a few toes here and there, as well as tail tips. All these minor injuries have long healed and do not hinder their mobility or dexterity at all.

These three sisters must be adopted together; we will not consider separating them.

To inquire about adopting Sparrow, Anamaria & Calypso, please fill out an Adoption Application form.