Opal (spayed) & Pirate

Meet Opal and Pirate, two spunky girls who still have a lot of growing to do and tons of energy to expend.

Opal is estimated to be 4 months old. She was spayed when only 3 months old, meaning she will hopefully be much healthier with a drastically LOWER chance of any reproductive cancers. She is a little love bug. She loves to give kisses and always looks for opportunities to scramble into your hand. Once she’s out, she’s quite bossy and confidence. Nothing phases her. She loves to explore, climb, and come back regularly to check on her human.

Pirate was found as a stray rat outside. She is estimated to be 3.5-4 months old. Pirate is not as keen on hands and being held, but she absolutely loves to run and explore. Curiosity is definitely her middle name. You can’t tell in the picture, however Pirate only has 1 eye. Her other eye was badly injured in the past and has completely sunken in. She has been thoroughly examined by a vet who determined that the eye does not bother her, has healed completely and doesn’t affect her ability to enjoy life as usual. It actually adds to Pirate’s charm as she looks like she’s winking all the time.

In order to adopt these two sweet girls, please fill out an adoption application form. Please note, their adoption fee is $80.