Benny & Hugo

Meet brothers, Benny and Hugo. You will not find a more adorable pair anywhere! These brothers were unfortunately surrendered for being “too big”. Realistically, they aren’t even full grown yet at an estimated 5-6 months old.

Of the two, Benny (beige) is slightly more anxious and tends to take a few more days to settle in and get used to new surrounding and new people. He’s incredibly curious and boy or boy can he climb and explore when he wants to.

Hugo on the other hand, is a much more chill rat. He knows what his priorities are (sleep + food). He has his excitable moments, and surprisingly, is actually the more dominant of the two. He keeps Benny in check, usually by draping himself over Benny and grooming his brother’s back.

These boys are looking for a loving home together where they will have plenty of space and lots f attention. They would prefer a calmer home without rambunctious children.

To inquire about adopting Benny and Hugo, please fill out an adoption application form.