Angel, Faith & Hope

Meet sisters, Angel, Faith & Hope. These 3 sisters were originally purchased from PetSmart and unfortunately, quickly became “too much work” for the girl who originally purchase them. It does not seem that they received any socialization in the most formative months of their lives, but luckily, our experienced foster mom has been able to make huge progress with these girls.

Of the three, Angel and Hope (beige and merle) are the most outgoing and comfortable with humans. They are curious, active, and despite still being a little bit timid, don’t mind being handled. And they certainly LOVE to come out and play.

Unfortunately, Faith (black) is still quite skiddish and will need an understanding home who can continue to work with her insecurities and patiently win over her trust.

If you are looking for a trio of beautiful, playful girls to join your family, please fill out our online adoption application form.