Pebble & Yukon

Meet baby sisters, Pebble and Yukon! Don’t ask us who is who, because thus far, they are pretty identical.
These two baby girls are an estimated 2 months old and unfortunately came from a hoarder who originally had intended to feed them to his snake.
They, along with 21 other albino rats, were surrendered to us when he realized that he just had too many rats!

Pebble and Yukon are slowly coming around under the kindness and persuasion of their foster mom.

They are curious, but still skiddish and don’t enjoy being picked up. However, once you do have them in hand, they are fine with hiding under your hair, or snuggling into a hoodie if possible.
Since they are so young, they simply need more time and someone who can persevere and continue to socialize them.

These girls are extremely active and so need a large cage with lots of hammocks and toys so they can continue to explore and develop into happy, well-socialized rats.