Perriwinkle (neutered) & Cota

Meet brother’s Perri and Cota. These two hilarious, bouncy boys would be a wonderful addition to any family who has the time and space to give them lots of attention and time-outside the cage to run, climb and generally go crazy.

Of the two, Perri is definitely more active. He doesn’t like to sit still, he’s always curious about everything and is a very good climber (although he tends to get stuck on things and will need your help to get down). Cota on the other hand, calms down after about 30 minutes of being a hyper baby and can be convinced to settle down for a gentle cheek rub.

They are both estimated to be about 6-7 months old.

Please note that Perri and Cota MUST be adopted together. Their adoption fee is $100 due to the fact that Perri had to be neutered. The neuter has worked it’s magic, and Perri is now an extremely friendly rat with both humans and his brother.