July 15, 2020: Helena has been diagnosed with a uterine tumor or mass. Awaiting further examination and possible surgery for spay/removal.
July 23, 2020: Helena has underwent emergency spay/surgery to have her abnormal uterus removed in Montreal. So far, she is recovering well.
Sept., 2020. Unfortunately, a month after her surgery and her wound had fully healed, Helena started to bleed again despite no longer have ovaries or a uterus. Antibiotics were started again along with pain medication, but Helena declined extremely quickly. The decision was made to have her euthanized by our vet.

Rowena and Helena are most likely mother and daughter. Unfortunately, they were both bred to be feeders at a very early age, and both of them have had liters of their own. These two shy, but curious girls need a loving forever home where they will be spoiled rotten and treated like proper family pets.

Of the two, Helena, who we think may be Rowena’s mother, is the slightly more dramatic one. She “eeps” when you try to pick her up, then right after you do, she realizes it’s not so bad! Once she’s out and about, she’s just fine with humans and has this adorable habit of trying to “collect” things to stash away, including human fingers! It seems the nurturing, motherly instincts in her are very strong.

Rowena on the other hand is all ball of curious energy. She will happily explore for hours if you let her. And once she’s out, she’s really not that shy at all. She’ll regularly come back to the humans and will climb all over you if you let her.

If you have the time and space to devote to these lovely girls who just need a second chance, please fill out an adoption agreement.