Coville (neutered) & Jackson

Brothers Coville and Jackson are rambunctious, fun-loving, friendly boys who were transferred to us from the SPCA in Gatineau. They are estimated to be anywhere between 5-10 months old.

Both of them came in with some mild respiratory issues, but after a few weeks in a clean, stress-free environment, their lungs have cleared up and these boys are now looking for a forever home to call their own. They are both extremely active and high-energy rats and will need a large enclosure as well as lots of time outside the cage every day to play, run and wrestle.

Of the two, Jackson is much more easy going and will literally follow the human around. He loves being picked up and doesn’t mind at all being carried around. Coville is just as equally friendly, but he is a little more nervous about being picked up and petted. He’ll need to get used to you first before he’s 100% comfortable with being held. He normally does prefer to perch on your shoulder instead, and given the chance, will clamber onto your shoulder on his own anyway.

Since Coville is neutered, these brothers’ adoption fee is $80 (total).

If you think you have the space, time and energy to keep up with these two sweethearts, please fill out an adoption application form.