Sammy & Darla (sponsor us!)

Sammy and Darla were abandoned at the SPCA in Gatineau in horrible condition.
Sammy had scabs all over her body from lice that was never treated while Darla had a severe respiratory infection, a huge tumor the size of a ping pong ball in her groin and the lice was so severe she had huge patches of missing hair and inflamed skin.

Thankfully our friend at the SPCA reached out to us instead of immediately having them euthanized.

After 2 weeks on antibiotics and getting proper treatment for the lice, Darla became strong enough and our vet was able to remove her large tumor. She is recovering very well and her surgery wound is almost completely gone.

Unfortunately, Darla will need to be on antibiotics long-term for her chronic respiratory illness and just a week ago, we found a small mass on her chest that could be another mammary tumor which will also need to be removed once she has fully recovered from the first surgery.

Other than that, both girls are doing extremely well and are finally enjoying life. You will never meet a sweeter, more gentle pair. They just absolutely LOVE to poke their heads under your hand to get face and head rubs. They love their baby puffs and bananas as treats. In fact, there’s nothing food-wise they have NOT liked so far!

Medication for Darla is about $30 per month. Her first tumor cost just over $200 and her second surgery will likely be the same.

If you would like to help these sweet ladies specifically, please contact us or you can use the Paypal button on our Donate page to support the on-going medical cost for Sammy and Darla.

Thank you!