Fisher & Bantom

Update: Orpinton was adopted with 2 other boys, Frizzel and Orloff instead! Fisher and Bantom are still looking for a home as a pair.

Meet this trio of brothers who will absolutely melt your heart. All three boys were born some time between Aug. 17 and Aug. 20th. They were all the result of a pet store not separating their males and females.

They have thankfully been very well cared for and socialized since birth, so all three are fairly outgoing and would settle into a new home very quickly.

Since these are boys, please remember that they are going to get BIG. Male rats can grow up to be a foot long from nose to tail. These three need to go to a home where they will be offered plenty of room, continued socialization and enrichment so they can mature into well-adjusted friendly boys.

The minimum case size we will consider is a Critter Nation. Please contact us for option.

If you would like to meet these boys or apply to adopt, please fill out an adoption application form.