Mimi & Hazel

This Mother/Daughter pair are about as perfect as rats can be. Minnie was part of a seizure done by the Brampton SPCA when they had to remove over 30 rats from a home. Unfortunately, she was already extremely pregnant and shortly after, gave birth to 7 babies.

Minnie herself is an extremely friendly and sociable rat. She loves people, their shoulders and especially treats. Her daughter Hazel is just as well socialized and is a miniature, grey version of her mother. She’s a little more shy, especially about being picked up, but is an adventurous, curious little nugget as soon as she’s out. These two are probably only about 2 months apart in age as Minnie was extremely young when impregnated.

They are looking for a loving home together where their human family will give them tons of attention and space to grow. Both girls are still developing.

If you believe you have the space, time, resources and love to give these ladies a home, please fill out our adoption application form.